Guitar Tab – SUPER JUNIOR M – SUPER GIRL (슈퍼걸)

SHEET MUSIC INSIDE! – I was working on a few design today. As I was working, I had iTunes on shuffle. I was really enjoying a song when I decided to look to see what song it was…yes, I have enough music that I don’t know what I’m actually listening to, hahaha. So I looked over into iTunes and saw that it was SUPER GIRL (슈퍼걸) by SUPER JUNIOR M.

Wishing for a Rosetta Stone iPhone App

Most of us have seen the commercials for Rosetta Stone, or even seen the kiosks offering this language learning software in the mall. If you’ve ever used it, you can understand both the advantages & disadvantages of the computer software. Here I’ll look at the possibility of a Rosetta Stone iPhone application. This is not real, but my own thoughts of what it COULD be like.

La Liga – iPhone/iPod Wallpaper Pack

With time aside, decided to make a iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper pack for most of the teams in the first division of La Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP), the professional soccer league of Spain. Go to my deviantART page and download the .zip file from the left side where it says “Download”. If you use them, please leave a comment! Thanks!!

Dry Erase Board Icon

Another icon…this time a dry erase board. This icon represents a resource that many instructors will utilize – a dry erase board. I used the dry erase markers and an eraser to add a bit of realism to the icon. On the “New Instructors” website, the board says “New Instructors” and not my name across of it, hahaha. I doubt people would like for my name to be all across their site :).

Network Icon

This is my version of the infamous “network” icon.  It is suppose to represent ROMLnet, a new website that will house a lot of information for the instructors of the department.

Analog Clock Icon

Here is another icon for the website I mentioned earlier.  I wanted to create an icon that symbolized “office hours”.  Considering you see a lot of these clocks in many classes throughout…

Expo Multipack Icon Set

So I’ve been working on a few icon sets for a departmental website for UNC (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Even though the icon was suppose to literally represent new instructors/professors, which I’m assuming meant a photo or something, I decided to create a set of dry erase markers. This pack is unopened and is thus, completely new. Fortunately, many instructors in the department use dry erase, so the logo fits.