Expo Multipack Icon Set

Tools of the trade: Pencil & Paper (drawing a sketch) + Adobe Photoshop CS4

So I’ve been working on a few icon sets for a departmental website for UNC (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).  Even though the icon was suppose to literally represent new instructors/professors, which I’m assuming meant a photo or something, I decided to create a set of dry erase markers.  This pack is unopened and is thus, completely new.  Fortunately, many instructors in the department use dry erase, so the logo fits.  In the site’s heading, the word ROML Instructor is “written” using a dry erase marker icon that is opened and in use.  This marker, or instructor, is no longer new and still constrained within the package, but now open and free to write and teach with the experience and confidence that they’ve gained through their time within the department.

Expo Multipack Icon Set
Expo Multipack Icon Set

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