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[notification close=”true” style=”yellow”] Since the writing of this article, I’ve began working in Adobe Illustrator for logo creation. It allows me to create in vector, allowing the element(s) to be scalable to any size, without degradation.
[/notification] Branding and identity logo in graffiti style using cyan beige blue brown as the colors for Kamikazi Dance Team UNC

This was a wonderful project for Kamikazi Hip Hop Dance Team!  After having spoken to the team’s captains about what they were thinking, I went home to review the requirements and notes I’d taken during our conversations. I began sketching out a few concepts. During the following week, I traded back e-mails with the team to finalize the sketch. Once done, I moved into the digital world! I fired-up Adobe Photoshop, and began to digitize the logo.

Giancarlo Deleon

Co-founder & Creative Capitán: Fresh From Birth
Co-founder & Marketing Director: Freshwise
I'm a Consultant, Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Graphic Designer.


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