Event Planning

Dance Workshops

With my brand Fresh From Birth, I was exposed and became deeply rooted in the expanding hip hop dance community on the east coast. Through attending dance competitions and coordinating dance choreography workshops, I became well aware of the needs and expressions of the community. Not only did I study by attending workshops and competitions, but I researched all kinds of events for inspiration. Beyond process, it was important to schedule great instructors, with the occasional landing of big named talent who we’d fly-in to teach. Coordinating workshops require large spaces and mirrors. As instructors teach, dancers not only listen, but intently watch the instructor from behind, as well as in the reflection of the mirrors at the front. Through workshops, I had the opportunity to help bring people together, share in our common love of music, and make a ton of friends. I’ll takeaway memories and skills obtained during planning, calling up and reserving spaces, marketing, and day-of activities.