Within 9 months of Michele cutting my hair at a men’s grooming location, she was so excited to inform me that she was opening up her own salon. Over the years of her cutting my hair, we built a friendship. She and I shared our passions for our craft, and one day, I offered to help. We bartered services and I ended up having the opportunity to work on her website, business cards, and doing a small photo shoot for the site and social media posts. Michele wanted to create a rustic, and upscale men’s salon that offered haircuts, facials, and the best shaves in the city. Of course, while you relaxed and were groomed, you could sip on a cocktail or drink of your choice. Michele always went the extra mile to give you a clean cut and styling tips because she always said, “You only look as good as your last cut.”

Brand Development

After college, I created an apparel brand focused on the dance and car communities. The entire endeavor was a challenge. Planning and executing on a vision that included general strategy, product development, event coordination, etc. forced me use and develop multiple disciplines to actively think through creative challenges. The unique challenges forced me to think more expansively about experiences, branding, competitors, timelines, product collections, and marketing. Whether designing a shirt, developing our e-commerce website, coordinating a dance workshop, or hanging out with people at a block party, each challenge helped me to learn and develop. I look forward to taking these experiences and using them to rethink problems, and propose encompassing solutions that takes multiple things into consideration.