Mobile App

Workout Tracker

As someone who enjoys going to the gym, I decided to create a personal project to create an iOS workout tracker app. I wanted to create a no-fuss tracker where I could quickly add exercises and track the performance of each set. My approach began by sketching out a user flow and a set of wireframes. I’m a fan of looking at how Apple designs its own apps. There is a lot to learn from Apple, and there is a benefit to reusing their patterns in order to help users onboard quickly and find the app intuitive. I used InVision to prototype the experience. I shared the link with a friends and asked them to provide feedback. I reviewed and incorporated feedback and notified them to review. To track the project’s process, I used Asana to create a project board a drag stories through my kanban. If I decide to build the app, I may use React Native and Firebase. I find each technology interesting and would give me an excuse to learn each.

Lead The Way

CapTech partnered with Apparo, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers nonprofits through technology, to create an app for the classroom. The app’s purpose was to teach kids and teens about drugs and how to say no to the pressure through games and activities. The team took a trip to the classroom and spoke with teachers and students,. We got together after hours to work on creating the app. I created a user flow, participated in brainstorming games and activities, and created the wireframes and prototype. On January 30th, the Charlotte Business Journal released an article promoting the app design and partnership between CapTech, Apparo, and The Center for Prevention Services. Additionally, on October 9, 2017, our team won Consulting Magazine’s 2017 Social & Community Investment Award.

Lead The Way (Coat of Arms)

Lead The Way Coat of Arms Client: The Center for Prevention Services Website: Date: December 23, 2016 Services: UX, UI Background CapTech partnered with Apparo, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers…