Within 9 months of Michele cutting my hair at a men’s grooming location, she was so excited to inform me that she was opening up her own salon. Over the years of her cutting my hair, we built a friendship. She and I shared our passions for our craft, and one day, I offered to help. We bartered services and I ended up having the opportunity to work on her website, business cards, and doing a small photo shoot for the site and social media posts. Michele wanted to create a rustic, and upscale men’s salon that offered haircuts, facials, and the best shaves in the city. Of course, while you relaxed and were groomed, you could sip on a cocktail or drink of your choice. Michele always went the extra mile to give you a clean cut and styling tips because she always said, “You only look as good as your last cut.”

Client: Miguel, A Men's Salon
Date: September 7, 2015
Services: Identity, Photography, Print