Responsive Online Shop

[intro]The Fresh From Birth website has gone through many iterations, but the latest is by far the most improved across both performance and design.[/intro] [hr type=”single” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″]

Huge improvements in design help the Fresh From Birth shop make sales

Fresh From Birth had a mobile shop already, however, both the design and the framework were lacking. We decided one day to take things to another level. Looking around the web for inspirations in shop design, we decided to divvy up the shop in an organized grid format that was also easily responsive based upon the device through which the user was using to shop. Our site went live, and the next day we had four sales. Is it coincidence, maybe, but I like to think that a better website led to sales because the site itself was more efficient, faster, and looked great on any device.

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Are you interested in having a website created or redone?

Do you have a desire to take your business online? Do you want your website to be accessible by desktop and mobile devices? Do you want to control your content and publish things when you want?

I have a lot of experience with both custom WordPress development and responsive web design. I can help you and your business, organization, or group to improve the overall performance and design of your website.