As a business, Fresh From Birth became self-sufficient early on, however, I noticed that our clothing costs were high. We were profitable, but I figured we could make more and control quality better. But how to do this? Eventually I realized I could source blank shirts from suppliers and learn how to screenprint. Learning how to screenprint took a lot of trial and error. After buying a 4-color station, watching and reading best practices, experimenting with water based and discharge inks, ruining some shirts along the way, and a few years of practice, I became confident with my skills and continued to experiment and learn. Screenprinting is science. I have a digital journal that accounts for each print job. I write down my approach for the design, time spent on task, variables, amount of ink used, color mixing ratios, etc. so that I can either learn from or reproduce my results. Not only did I print my brand’s apparel, but got paid by local companies and individuals to print shirt for their events and brands. I’m going to takeaway a new passion and refined patience when learning a completely new skill.

Client: Fresh From Birth
Services: Apparel