‘Stache House Door Signage

[intro]It’s official, the ‘Stache House is in business[/intro] [hr type=”single” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″]

Welcome to ‘Stache House

The goal of this request was to create the signage for both the door for that of the sign just outside the door. For the door itself, we were able to reuse the text-based design

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Background on the overall effort

When I was approached by the owners of ‘Stache House to help them with their initial branding efforts I was very excited. I had been in the world of Web Development for a while, so it was a refreshing change to venture back into graphic and print design. The various projects that I worked on with the owners of the ‘Stache House was hugely rewarding! It’s a fantastic feeling to walk into a place and see your work.