‘Stache House Vinyl Door Design

[intro]Typography takes the lead and is featured on the front-door[/intro] [hr type=”single” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″]

Typography takes a front-seat and is featured on the front door

Technically we got to reuse the design that one of the owner’s and I collaborated on, but it’s still pretty cool to see it featured on another substrate in a different location. The design is flexible enough to be used in many unique ways, and that’s why was fun about working alongs Morgan to get it done. We worked hard to pick the right verbiage and typefaces. It turned out great and gives a lot of character to the front-area of the ‘Stache House.

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Background on the overall effort

When I was approached by the owners of ‘Stache House to help them with their initial branding efforts I was very excited. I had been in the world of Web Development for a while, so it was a refreshing change to venture back into graphic and print design. The various projects that I worked on with the owners of the ‘Stache House was hugely rewarding! It’s a fantastic feeling to walk into a place and see your work.