Stance Society Meet

[intro]2 months of organization and marketing gets you a 1000+ car & Tết, or Vietnamese New Year celebration.[/intro] [hr type=”single” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″]

Eurowise & Fresh From Birth came together to celebrate the new year, and provide the year’s first regional car meet. It was certainly a cold one, but it was well worth putting up with the weather. We had cars of all classes, makes, and models appear.

The Project

Mike Ngo (the owner of Eurowise) came to me with a fun event idea, “to throw a car show alongside a Tết, or Vietnamese New Year celebration. I was down to help, and so while he was off organizing and getting things together for the actual event, I was working on marketing, design, etc.

The Flyer

After speaking with Mike Ngo (the owner of Eurowise) on the concept, I began work on the flyer. The flyer was to have a ết, or Vietnamese New Year celebration feel to it. I was able to embody that vision, and after a few iterations, got to the final product.