Workout Tracker

As someone who enjoys going to the gym, I decided to create a personal project to create an iOS workout tracker app. I wanted to create a no-fuss tracker where I could quickly add exercises and track the performance of each set. My approach began by sketching out a user flow and a set of wireframes. I’m a fan of looking at how Apple designs its own apps. There is a lot to learn from Apple, and there is a benefit to reusing their patterns in order to help users onboard quickly and find the app intuitive. I used InVision to prototype the experience. I shared the link with a friends and asked them to provide feedback. I reviewed and incorporated feedback and notified them to review. To track the project’s process, I used Asana to create a project board a drag stories through my kanban. If I decide to build the app, I may use React Native and Firebase. I find each technology interesting and would give me an excuse to learn each.

Client: Personal Project
Date: April 2, 2016