Dry Erase Board Icon

Another icon…this time a dry erase board. This icon represents a resource that many instructors will utilize – a dry erase board. I used the dry erase markers and an eraser to add a bit of realism to the icon. On the “New Instructors” website, the board says “New Instructors” and not my name across of it, hahaha. I doubt people would like for my name to be all across their site :).

Network Icon

This is my version of the infamous “network” icon.  It is suppose to represent ROMLnet, a new website that will house a lot of information for the instructors of the department.

Analog Clock Icon

Here is another icon for the website I mentioned earlier.  I wanted to create an icon that symbolized “office hours”.  Considering you see a lot of these clocks in many classes throughout…

Expo Multipack Icon Set

So I’ve been working on a few icon sets for a departmental website for UNC (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Even though the icon was suppose to literally represent new instructors/professors, which I’m assuming meant a photo or something, I decided to create a set of dry erase markers. This pack is unopened and is thus, completely new. Fortunately, many instructors in the department use dry erase, so the logo fits.